Tips for a Girl’s Fitness Weekend


Is a weekend away with your girlfriend’s on your bucket list? Spending uninterrupted time with friends is rejuvenating both your relationships and personal well-being.  Instead of spending the weekend shopping and preparing for happy hour, consider a girls’ fitness weekend. Options are nearly unlimited and the rewards can be counted on many levels. Follow these suggestions from the professionals to ensure your fitness weekend is fun and memorable. Determine these three thing, and you’ll be on your way to establishing a new dimension to your friendships and a fresh kick to your healthy lifestyle. Confirm how many friends will be attending, the duration and destination of the trip as well as the date of departure. Once you’ve set these items, let the fun begin!

Consider taking advantage of the great savings offered by Groupon coupons and select one of the many destinations served by Motel6. Motel6 offers affordable, friendly and clean rooms perfect for a girl’s fitness weekend. If you’re heading to a large city, it’s recommend that reservations for activities and ding be made in advance.  You’ll appreciate not waiting in line and loosing precious time.  Many cities have bicycle rentals available. This is a fun and healthy way to explore a new city. Walking tours are popular as are hiking on the outer edges of town.  Check out one of the many travel website available for hiking options at your destination.  Many local fitness centers offer one day passes. A yoga class is a great way to start the day.

Don’t undermine your active day by downing masses of calories in the evening. While heavy appetizers and cocktails are tempting, encourage, motivate and support one another to stick to the goals of the weekend and make healthy choices when dining out.  Plan to take a walk back to the hotel after dinner, or around the city center to see the city lit up at night and experience the night life.  This certainly beats going straight from the restaurant back to the hotel.

Set your expectations as a group, plan healthy fun activities and most of all – have a grand time!