The process of choosing a gynecologist


Kudos you are pregnant! Now the first thing that will come to your mind is to have a healthy pregnancy and the safety of the baby is the topmost priority. You need to get in touch with the best gynecologist in Mumbai and you need to take into account that this is bound to take some amount of time, but the effort along with the time involved in this is all the worth. In the midst of all this he is the person who will be helping you during the course of pregnancy. So, it is important that you tend to feel comfortable with her and there are some points to consider as well.

There is no harm in setting standards as far as the choice of a gynecologist is concerned. After all, he happens to be witness to some private details of your body and sexual life. You can start the process by having a glance at the website where the doctor is work as this will clearly specify his educational qualifications and the amount of experience he has in this domain. You can find her areas of practice and where she has gone to make her mark.

It is also suggested that you go on to choose a gynecologist who happens to be an obstetrician as well. If this is not the case then you would need to see another doctor at the time of delivery, which is bound to be a tough process. In some cases, the doctors may have their own clinic or may be a visiting doctor at a particular hospital. This is an important point to be considered in the choice of a gynecologist in Navi Mumbai. You can do a research at your own end or seek the opinion of your near or dear ones in choosing the best doctor in the business. The simple fact is that you should be comfortable and the doctor should go on to address all your concerns. If you have any form of hesitation in changing the doctor as your health and that of the baby is important. You need to remember that if the mother is happy then only the baby will be.

You are likely to meet your gynecologists during the course of pregnancy and the frequency is bound to increase when the size of the baby bump increases. So, before you go on to choose one, see how quickly she is accessible. You need to think about how far you need to travel to meet her. If it is on the way to office, then you can meet her before or after work as it deems fit. Ideally it should not be far from your home as well, because you would not need to travel a lot when the pain is at its peak. In addition to the distance the accessibility is also important and how busy she is. Good doctors are always busy but you should b able to get in touch with them when you need them the most.

The final nail in the coffin with regards to the choice of a gynecologist is dependent on her fees. Ideally the fees are the same, but the hospital charges, is the area of concern as it tends to fluctuate according to the facilities on offer.