The Addictive Properties of Nicotine


Nicotine is an active ingredient in the tobacco plant, among others, and is considered to be highly addictive, and on a similar level with heroin and cocaine. There is no doubt that nicotine is the reason why people cannot quit smoking tobacco, and with little or no long term effects, nicotine in itself is not harmful, but the toxins and tars that tobacco smoke contains result in heart and lung diseases that kill hundreds of thousands every year.

A stimulant

The average cigarette yields about 2-3 mg of nicotine, and this acts as a stimulant, as long as the doses are small and regular. Continued use can induce psychoactive effects, and this leads to repeated use, which then becomes a habit. Larger doses do not act in a stimulative way, and can be harmful, although it would be difficult to ingest that much nicotine by smoking tobacco.

The difficulties in quitting smoking

The moment a person stops smoking tobacco, their system still requires the regular intake of nicotine, and this causes irritability, cravings, and more often than not, a return to the cigarette. If a person has a strong will to quit, and can handle the first seven days, it is possible to do cold turkey with nicotine. However, the number of people who manage to quit suddenly is less than 10%, which underlines the addictive properties of nicotine.

The cycle of addiction

A person smokes a cigarette,  for a while they are satiated, but sooner or later, they will have the desire to repeat the process, so cigarette smoking is a constant cycle of ingesting small doses of nicotine, and the longer the use, the more likely the user is to form a dependence. Before the arrival of vaping, the tobacco smoker had little choice other than to quit altogether, if they wanted to live a healthier life.


Vaping allows a person to continue ingesting nicotine, without the harmful toxins and poisons found in tobacco products, which is a much healthier alternative. Furthermore, the e-liquid which contains the nicotine, comes in a wide range of flavours, giving the vaper more pleasure from the experience. There are tobacco related flavours for those who miss the distinctive aromas of tobacco, while creative options such as dessert, fruit, and menthol flavours are all available. If you are looking for the best in vaping, X2 Cigs electronic cigarettes offer a cost effective and safe method to ingest nicotine, and with a range of nicotine levels, this allows for a user to gradually bring their nicotine content down to zero.

Nicotine free

Most smokers want to eventually cease their intake of nicotine, and with vaping this can easily be achieved. There are e-liquids with no nicotine, which means that you can still vape, even when you are nicotine free. There are people who have never smoked tobacco and wish to vape, and the nicotine free liquids allow them to experience the pleasures of vaping, without being introduced to nicotine.