Preparing for Labor in an Efficient Manner


No woman can claim to be fully prepared for labor. If it is your first baby there are some simple suggestions which you could follow and this is going to ensure that you have a fruitful experience. There are some harsh realities about child birth which your near or dear ones will not be able to tell you as well.

  • Unless and until you have a carefree attitude towards life, you are going to react with a sense of shock when the water bag breaks
  • Till the situation of seeing the future, you are going to be victim of a lot of pain during the starting stage of labor
  • The tolerance levels of pain are bound to be tested to the core.

All the above mentioned facts stem from experience and there is nothing to fear. Each woman is different, so the details are not going to apply in case of each and every one. Trust me you are going to appreciate any possible hints that are going to be provided before you make way towards the labor room. This is going to reduce the stress on both the mother and the partner.

  • To make it a point that you do pack your bag for labor well in advance. No one can predict the exact date of delivery and it is the baby who decides when they want to come out.
  • Do keep in handy a check list that you would want to take. Most women have a mirror along with a makeup bag handy with them. Obviously you are carrying the little wonder in your arms and you would want the long list of visitors waiting in the pipeline to catch a glimpse of the little one.
  • You can prepare a list of the phone number of persons whom you can call at any time of the day. Do not thing that you can handle all these things alone as some form of emotional support may be needed.

The warning signs of labor are far fletched. It tends to vary from women to women. Some of them can figure out in an instant second, whereas in the case of others they might even not take note after it occurring for hours. Do not expect the predications that are floating around to come true in your case on all counts.

The key is to maintain your focus and to preserve as much energy as you can. After all you will not be aware on when you do need it the most. Do share with your health care provider if you experience some form of pain. You know your body best and listen to what the heart has to tell you. It is a special moment in your life and cash in on this occasion

To conclude packing for the hospital or birth centre needs to be well in advance. Carry a list of essentials and live it on the front door or on the back seat of your car.

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