Make Sure Of the Different Benefits of Sulbutiamine and Consume It with Care


There are compounds that work for cognitive enhancement and these are also called nootropics. The Sulbutiamine is one such compound that was discovered by the Japanese researchers. This is a derivative of vitamin B1 or thiamine. The name Beriberi is a name of a disorder that is caused in the nervous system. This happens when one has deficiency of thiamine and this was prevalent in this country for their staple food of white rice. Thiamine was derived when it was isolated from the bulbs of garlic. This was the first supplement of thiamine and was good for the people with the disease. Thiamine has good effect over cognitive enhancement but sulbutiamine buy has better properties.

Used for mental fatigue

This sulbutiamine is good for asthenia, somatic inhibition and for use with people with psychic disorder. This asthenia gives mental fatigue and sulbutiamine is a good way to give relief to people with this disorder. Sulbutiamine affects the dopamine of the brain chemicals and not any other catecholamines. It also helps in improving memory and gives relief to patients who has got Parkinson’s disease or even schizophrenia. This is due to the mood elevation that happens with the compound.

Effective enhancement of cognitive power

There are different compounds that work in different ways and Sulbutiamine works much faster than the thiamin when it is time to move from the blood flow to the cells of brain. This nootropic compound also increases efficiency of the barrier created between the blood and brain. This compound also helps in improving learning capacity and increases concentration. The person taking this compound will be able to concentrate more and also can take better decisions. When taken with other nootropic compounds, it supplies more energy to the body and gives better brain power. This is the reason most people with such weakness try to find some reliable solution and they find it in this supplement.

Some side effects

When you think of side effects, this compound has little or no side effects. You may find some agitation when initially you start to take sulbutiamine buy, but it won’t last for a long time. Some also get some minor rashes when taking the drug for the first time. These are reported when the dose taken is higher than the dose recommended. There are also cases where the people felt nausea or headaches and some feel depressed for a few days. This is also true that if you feel there are serious results from taking sulbutiamine, you must discontinue and consult your physician.

Dose and benefits

The right dose for this compound is generally 600mg per day and this is also taken in 3 equal instalments of 200mg each. The first dose should start from the morning and then in noon and the last one should be taken in the late evening. If you are taking tablets or capsules, you will get the right measured dose of 200mg. The ones who are taking powder should measure the dose in proper way before consuming. When you are ready for sulbutiamine buy  for healing purpose or for taking it as supplement to improve cognitive functions, you should know all about proper dosage. Make sure you get to consume the recommended dose at right time to gain maximum benefits.