Invaluable Use of Human Growth Hormone


Do you dream about growing a little taller or getting a better toned lean body? If the answer to your question is yes, then there might be easy ways to achieve it. Human growth hormone (HGH) or somatotropin is an easily available supplement which is found on the shelves of most sports stores. If you are interested in body building or want to have a muscular body, you may have come across this supplement. There are some pros and cons to its use, and you should be careful while using them.

Use of Human Growth Hormone

HGH is a peptide (a small protein) which is 191 amino acid long having a role in the cell reproduction and regeneration. Human growth hormone has been found to have a role in the development of cells. This hormone is synthesised by the pituitary gland in the somatostatin cells and is stored in it. The pituitary gland is the master controller of all the hormones that is synthesized in the body that signals the production of hormones in various organs like thyroid, adrenalin gland and even in reproductive glands like ovaries and testicles. The Human Growth Hormone supplements contain a synthetic derivative of somatotropin which more potent than the original hormone. Many companies claim to contain real somatropin in their product, which needs to be examined before use.

The use of the best product containing somatotropin should be emphasised as low grade products do not give the desired effect. The tablets of Human Growth Hormone derivatives also contain nutrient supplements like magnesium, manganese, iron, vitamin E and amino acid supplements. Care should be taken while selecting the supplements as too much of anything would be harmful to the body.

Effect of Human Growth Hormones

In normal cases, somatotropin is synthesised in the body by the pituitary gland more in the case of children than adults. Due to these reasons adults are advised to take these supplements but only after being prescribed by the doctor. To get the full effect of the supplement, it is advised to have a good night’s rest. The Human Growth Hormone supplement is favoured by people who want to remain young in spite of the passage of time.

The use of these supplements can strongly cause changes in the body. As side effects, they can lead to increase in height. In few cases, it was even found to cause height reduction

Availability of Human Growth Hormones

Human Growth Hormone is normally supplemented and is easily available in different forms like pills, capsules, sprays, cream or tablet form. Any form of the HGH supplements can be taken according to the convenience of the user. It is a product that is easily available in your neighbourhood pharmacy, retail outlet or can be ordered online.  It is the most popular source of supplement which is obtained in over the counter stores and can be sold without a prescription. Different tablets claim to contain real somatropin but care should be taken to use the best products as investing in substandard products would not give the desired result.