Gaining the best benefits


Certain sprays are of immense help to the bodybuilders who slog extreme hours in the gym .The sprays do not have any terribly known side effects . It helps the body to grow lean muscles and helps in recovering from internal injuries . The basic component of these sprays are the growth factors found in both the human blood and the deer .You are always provided with a few choices while taking a decision about which product to purchase and which to reject . The basic elements that you should look in the product are p Purity, efficacy and additional ingredients these serve as integral factors which can separate the best velvet antler sprays from less efficient discounted products.

What are the benefits of the spray?

  • It is a natural source of IGF-1, glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen
  • It is known to promote muscle growth
  • It Improves joint health by reduce the pain
  • It supports sexual function and libido
  • It slow down the signs of aging and improves your body immunity

What are the disadvantages of the spray ?

  • It is known to create a low concentration of IGF-1 if used in the form of many oral deer antler sprays
  • These products at times use inhumane farming techniques
  • The limited clinical research history makes it unreliable for use

Some more useful Information

Deer antler sprays are not a new discovery. There use have been seen and recorded in the Chinese medicine for over a period of a thousands of years.

The benefits of the use of the supplements dates back to as far  as 150 B.C.The benefits for which it was used are the same ,for which it is used even today. The benefits can be summarized as

  • The improvement of the total body vitality
  • Creation of the healthy bone and muscle and
  • The improvement of sexual health were the best known benefits that have not changed over the years .

Working mechanisms

IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) serves as the critical component in the creation of the extract which brings forth these effects. The IGF-1 hormone is known to function in the  following ways:

  • It helps in the anabolic muscle and bone growth– the hormone promotes rapid cell division which in turn concludes in the formation of  thelean muscle and gives you stronger bones even after an injury.
  • It leads to a faster metabolism – the hormone produces a greater level and scale of cellular metabolism which transforms into the effects like endurance and muscle energy.
  • It stimulates sexual response – The hormone increases the myosin production in your body. This serves as an important ingredient in the male erectile function and controls the nerve pleasure.
  • IGF-1 activates the estrogen receptors. Estrogen works to improve the reproductive health in women and helps in the process of bone formation in men.

Harvesting the sprays

To harvest the best velvet antler sprays, the tips of the growing antlers must be trimmed from the body of a living deer. There are a total of 14 countries that depend on the deer farming industries which are the basic sources of antler extracts.Checking the origin nation of the sprays is one of the important considerations when you are choosing a deer antler spray. Russia, Taiwan, and Korea each have deer farming industries, but the humane treatment of animals and rigorous quality standards that we getin the West may not be derived in these areas