Experience the Rich World of Paneer with Some Amazing Options


There are different delicacies and dishes out there that can become the pride of your dinners and meals. Be it your day today meals or a special event; you can always count on paneer. Of course, cheese is something that is relished by everyone. No matter you love to eat dry paneer or curry paneer; you can find plenty of dishes that fall within the category of these paneers. If you have never explored the rich realm of paneers then you should have a look at some of the most scrumptious and rich paneer dishes below:

Paneer butter masala 

This is a paneer dish that has a slight sweet taste and extremely mildly spiced. If you feel that you want to eat something really rich yet less spicy then you can try this dish out. Your kids too are going to love this delicious paneer item. If you have old people at home who want to munch on something delicious yet not much spicy then this dish stands apt.


Have you ever tried out Kajupaneersabzi? Of course, this dish is really rich and absolutely scrumptious. You can find a great pinch of kaju in this dish. As the name suggests, the dish is filled and decorated with kaju. The rich creamy flavour and thickness of kaju gives this dish an amazing flavour and tang. If you have never made this dish before, you can try out Kajupaneer recipe in Hindi.  This way, you can win the hearts of your guests in your next dinner hosting time!


Kadaipaneerdish is of two types: dry one and gravy version.  The dish is quite easy to prepare and numb the senses with its beautiful taste. Paneer is totally drenched in curry and the entire dish is filled with different flavours. Some people even add a pinch of dry fruits in this dish. If you are in a hurry or unexpected guests have just reached your house, you can prepare this dish within no time. The dish won’t disappoint anyone.


This dish is one of the most popular Indian paneer dishes. In this dish, soft paneer dices are cooked in a smooth spinach curry… the entire cheese blocks are dipped in the flavour of spinach and different spices are also added as per the taste of the cook. Similarly, many people prepare it with a smoky touch. You can feel the smoky touch in this delicious eatable. Since palak is really good for health, you can make this dish an option of your every special dinner. Paneer and spinach together fill the eaters with supreme pleasure.


Shahi means extremely royal and as the name says thisis a regal paneer dish. Absolutely creamy, perfumed, littlesweet gravy coupled with soft paneer cubes. You can be as salty, spicy or sweet as you want to be. The dish is really rich and dry fruits can make it even richer!

So, these are some of the plenty of paneer dishes. You must try these out for a scrumptious time!