Delicious Sweet Recipes


In most of the cultures, sweet dishes are served in the final course of a meal. It can be a sweet dish or a sweet drink. Sweets are also an integral part of all festivals, celebrations, functions, and happy occasions. In most of the Indian desserts, milk or ghee are included as a main ingredient. Most of the people love to taste different milk sweets, some sweet dishes are also made with fruits and nuts. Here is a list of some irresistible sweet recipes that surely don’t last in the bowl or plate for a long time.

  • ShahiKheer: Kheer is a traditional and delicious recipe and most of the people love this rich sweet dish. Shahimeans royal and as this particular recipe is associated with Kesar and Badam (Saffron and Almonds), it is considered as If you want to know shahi kheer recipe in hindi, then you can search on different food websites.
  • GulabJamun: It is one of the most popular and classic sweet dishes that is liked by most of the people. It is a common dish in every festivals and occasions. Gulab means rose and jamun means berry. GulabJamun is like berry-sized balls that are poured in rose-flavoured sugar syrup. Basically, these are made with khoya(milk solids) as the main ingredient.
  • GajarKaHalwa: It is one of the most popular sweet dishes among the people. The particular recipe is associated with grated carrots, sugar, milk, and nuts that are stirred and cooked together. You can have the delight to taste this recipe in winter.
  • Sandesh or Sondesh: It is a delicious and simple mix of fresh crumbled paneer and powdered sugar along with the mind-blowing aroma of cardamom. It is one of the most popular Bengali sweet recipes that are associated with different variations. Sandesh or Sondesh is an easy-to-make recipe in which you can add your custom touch.
  • Barfi: It is a very popular sweet dish that is commonly served in cubes, triangles or diamond shapes. Most commonly, the particular recipe is prepared with thicken milk along with sugar and other spices, it is spread out in a shallow dish and then cut to favourite shapes and sizes. Sometimes, these are decorated with the pieces of silver leaf (which is edible as well as flavored with fruit).Barfi can be of many types, such as Malaibarfi, Besanbarfi, Pistabarfi, Anjeerbarfi, Kesarbarfi, Akhrotbarfi, Gajarbarfi, Amlabarfi, Kelabarfi, and so on.
  • Gujia: It is a popular sweet dumpling that is made with suji or Maida and it is stuffed with khoya. The packaging style of Gujia is very much similar to samosa, although Gujia is associated with the very distinct shape. It is filled with a mixture of roasted and grated dry fruits, coconuts, khoya.
  • Jalebi: Jalebi is linked with our childhood memories and till today also these spiral shapes sweets develop an innumerable joy on us. It can best be described as funnel cakes.

The number of sweet dishes is almost infinite. If you want to make shahikheer recipe and other sweet recipes, then you can take help from the internet.