A brief about Winstrol Injection


Winthrop Laboratories created Stanozolol, an oral anabolic androgenic supplement in the year of 1950s under the trade name Winstrol. After the oral form release, Winstrol injection was released by them. Winstrol injection is now better known as Winstrol Depot. It has been in the high success rate therapeutically. The same has been used by bodybuilders as a performance enhancing drug.

Winstrol injection benefits:

Irrespective of the form Winstrol injection always remains one of the popular anabolic drugs. Besides, a PED, it is being helpful in treating osteoporosis, muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS/HIV, burn victims, and those who exposed to corticosteroids for a long time. Delayed growth and bone fractures are predominantly treated with this Winstrol depot. Stanazolol benefits the users by promoting strength, fat loss, and endurance. This drug works better in cutting cycles than in the bulking phase. Winstrol is extensively effective in increasing fat metabolism by retaining nitrogen in the muscles for a decreased catabolic state. As a standalone, winny does not satisfy the users who try to bulking phase. But stacking Winstrol depot with Decadurabolin yields unimaginable bulking results. Other than oral, injectable forms, Winstrol is also available in the raw powder form. The raw powder can be used for Winstrol injectable preparation along with bacteriostatic water.

Winstrol Injection dosage:

It is always advised to take 50mg at the beginning and see how the body cooperates with the drug. However, due to its short-life, users reported that they attained good results when dosed with 50mg Winstrol injection every day. But keep in mind increasing the dose more than 50mg will cause potential liver damage. As an extreme case, few bodybuilders use up to 100 mg Winstrol injection daily for a couple of weeks before the competition. Women users experience enough with 10mg of Winstrol injection every other day. Since Winstrol depot does not cause virilization effects, they are happy to use. The advised Winstrol injection cycle is 8-12 weeks. Generally, anabolic drugs are injected in various parts of the body, whereas Winstrol injection should be administered as an intramuscular injection. The users must prefer larger muscle group for injecting the dose. Keep the needle at a 90-degree angle for a better insertion.

Side effects of Winstrol injection:

As for how other AAS produce side effects, Winstrol injection side effects are also counted. As this is considered to be a mild steroid, the effect will be minimal. Since it does not aromatize Gynecomastia problem will not be encountered here. However, overdose might stimulate some issues. Liver damage may be caused due to the overdose, excessive cycles of Winstrol. Stanazolol dramatically drags down healthy cholesterol (HDL) and increases bad cholesterol (LDL). At a certain point of time, the fat deposition leads to atherosclerosis, which in turn provokes heart valve block, stroke, coronary artery disease. Changes in the libido are experienced by both men and women.

There are many counterfeit Winstrol products loitering in the market. Winstrol injection comes in ampule which is available in the form of a milky watery solution. If you find tough with injectable preparation, you may adopt the Winstrol injection ready made ampule.