4 Advantages of Vaping Over Smoking


If you smoke, then you’ve probably noticed some of your friends or colleagues using e cigs instead of conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes or e cigs have become more and more popular throughout countries like Australia for several reasons, they are a lot cheaper than traditional cigarettes, they last a lot longer, and they come in range of different flavours. These 4 advantages may persuade you to make a change to e cigs.

  • Safer Than Traditional Smokes

Research suggests that e cigs are safer than conventional cigarettes, there have been multiple studies carried out that seem to show that people who switch to e cigs are exposed to far less chemicals than individuals who stick to traditional cigarettes. Some studies even go as far as to say that vaping eliminates close to 95% of harmful compounds, most of the foremost tobacco specialists in the UK believe that vaping is probably as harmful as drinking coffee. If the studies are correct, reducing your exposure by such a substantial amount is a great reason to try vaping and forget about cigarettes.

  • It Is Cost Effective

E cigs are a lot more affordable that traditional cigarettes, all you need is to buy a small handheld device and replace it with flavoured capsules once you run out. They last a lot longer than cigarettes and you can control how much you use, if you light a cigarette without smoking it, it will still burn down even if you don’t use it. You can buy e cig devices which contain rechargeable batteries and refillable containers, this means if you decide to switch from smokes, you could possibly save up to 70% on your costs.

  • Vaping Is Cleaner

Everyone knows that smoking is a messy business, the ash goes everywhere, and you constantly have to clean out ash trays around your home. You’ll also notice that your fingers go an unattractive yellow/brown colour from continually holding a cigarette in your hands. A vaping device doesn’t burn down and produce smoke which stains your fingers and clothes, it also doesn’t create ash, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out ashtrays or hoovering dirt off the floor.

  • Reduced Fire Hazard

When it comes to safety there is no comparison between traditional cigarettes and electronic devices, if you are concerned about the risk of an e cigarette in Sydney causing a fire in your home, there isn’t much to worry about. They are a lot safer than their counterparts and rarely, if ever cause fires or other damage to your residential or commercial premises. If you handle the device with care and use the right battery, there is very little chance you’ll experience any sort of issues with your electronic cigarettes.

Vaping has many advantages over smoking, and a lot of regular smokers are now turning to e cigarettes to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. They are considerably cheaper, a lot cleaner, and far safer than conventional cigarettes. They can be purchased online and at licensed stores across Australia.